Bamburi Cement Inks Contracts for 19.5 MW of Solar At Kenya Factories

Kenyan concrete creator Bamburi Concrete Plc has consented to a few arrangements with independent power producer (IPP) MOMNAI Energy Restricted to start off the development of 19.5 MW of sun oriented plants at its production lines in Kenya.

Bamburi Concrete said it has consented to the land rent arrangement, association offices understanding, conditions priority fulfilment, and development start date letters, after already consenting to the power buy arrangement (PPA) with the IPP.

The furthest down the line arrangements will send off the establishment of a 14.5-MW sun powered ranch at Bamburi Concrete’s Mombasa plant and a 5-MW framework at its Athi Stream site. The new sun based is supposed to represent up to 30percent of Bamburi Concrete’s complete power supply, the organization said.

Bamburi Concrete is essential for Swiss structure materials bunch Holcim AG.

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