Ethiopia: Maya City Allocates 400 Million Birr in Haramaya Lake Shore Development Project

The mayor of Maya City announced that construction on the Haramaya Lake Shore Development Project is scheduled to start the following week. The city is now undertaking several development projects that involve a total expenditure of 400 million Birr.

According to Maya city Mayor Ifra Wozir (PhD), the lake Shore development project will promote the growth of the region’s infrastructure, capacity, and tourism resources.

According to him, Maya City would be working on 22 new projects this year in addition to two ongoing ones. According to the strategy, investors will be able to develop the region once the first phase of the Haramaya Lake Shore Development is completed by the end of the year.

A start-of-phase budget of 80 million birr has been determined for the project. According to the mayor, the project will benefit the local youngsters economically by giving them access to employment opportunities.

Alongside the project will be the construction of parks, roads, aesthetic enhancements, fish aquaculture, and other associated tourism development projects.

According to Ifra, the projects’ diverse infrastructure, walkway and road lighting, tourism development, and other features would give the city a pleasant appearance and improve services for its citizens.