Egyptian firm GB Auto launches new locally assembled matatu in Kenya

A brand-new locally assembled matatu has been introduced to the Kenyan market by the Egyptian automaker GB Auto.

King Long Kingwin XMQ6520 car is designed to specifically meet the demands of the Kenyan market.

The new matau’s exclusive Kenyan dealer was announced as GB Auto.

King Long, a division of Xiamen King Long Motors, Group Company Limited, is the manufacturer of the car.

Large and medium buses, autonomous buses and chassis, trucks, special vehicles, and recreational vehicles are all produced by King Long.

Other automobiles handled by GB Auto in Kenya include trucks and buses made by Eicher and Volvo construction equipment.

Furthermore, GB Auto stated that this investment is a further testament to their dedication to helping Kenya’s automotive industry flourish.

The company anticipates forming enduring relationships with regional stakeholders and taking a leading role in determining the direction of mobility in Kenya.

For many years, the matatu industry in Kenya has been an integral part of the nation’s transportation system, offering millions of Kenyans necessary services.

Speaking during the launch, GB Auto East Africa Managing Director, Gaurav Kaul said research has shown that the Kenyan market is rife for the model which has a 14-passenger capacity.

“This strategic investment reaffirms GB Auto’s commitment to contributing to the growth and development of the Kenyan automobile market. The company looks forward to playing a pivotal role in shaping the future of mobility in Kenya, and building lasting partnerships with local stakeholders,” he said.

The matatu industry is a significant employer, offering jobs to mechanics, vehicle bodybuilders, electricians, and drivers directly as well as indirectly through stage managers, conductors, and drivers.

Many Kenyans can afford matatus because they are a more cost-effective form of transportation than taxis. They are a less expensive option for commuters thanks to their complex network of routes.

Kenyans have embraced the matatu industry, which involves car owners customizing their vehicles to reflect a variety of themes and trends through eye-catching and distinctive designs.

This has helped the industry become more well-known and integrated into society.

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