Huawei FusionSolar Tanzania Partner Summit 2024: Launching a Fresh Era in the Solar Industry

DAR ES SALAAM: A historic occasion that would open the door to a more environmentally friendly and sustainable future occurred in the bustling Tanzanian metropolis of Dar es Salaam. In an unprecedented move, Huawei Digital Power convened its inaugural summit in Africa, bringing together channel partners from all over the continent to present the most cutting-edge sustainable energy solutions available.

It was the Huawei Fusion Solar Tanzania Partner Summit 2024, an assembly of bright brains committed to using solar energy to power Africa’s lights in an environmentally responsible way.

The summit’s subject, “Lighting up a Greener Africa,” struck a chord with all of the participants, who were keen to learn about the most recent developments in the sustainable energy sector.

Mr. Xia Hesheng, the President of Huawei Digital Power Sub-Saharan Africa Region, gave a visionary address that set the tone for the event by discussing how intelligence and carbon neutrality will create ecological civilization in the future.

“The period of ‘PV+ Storage parity’ is approaching, and PV + energy storage will become the most cost-effective and ubiquitous form of power,” he stated, citing the ongoing advancements in photovoltaic (PV) generation efficiency and declining costs.

Mr. Xia emphasized that solar energy in conjunction with energy storage would soon become the most cost-effective and widely used source of power, highlighting the photovoltaic generation’s increasing efficiency and affordability with an emphasis on “Storage parity.”

PV systems actually use the sunlight that is captured by solar panels to create power. Batteries or direct use are two options for this energy.

For many years, photovoltaic (PV) systems have been effectively installed all over the world in a range of applications, such as providing electricity for distant weather stations, telecom towers, residential installations, community micro-grids, and grid-scale power plants. Scalability is arguably the biggest benefit of PV technology in supporting such a broad range of applications.

Huawei’s dedication to offering state-of-the-art technologies based on 4T Bit, Thermal, Watt, Battery and complete-scenario solar solutions highlighted their leadership in the sector.

“Huawei Digital Power will continue to deepen its ecological strategy, adhering to the principles of “shared benefits as the bridge, integrity as the basis, and rules as the guarantee,” in response to the PV industry’s promising market prospects,” Mr. Xia continued.

In order to expand alongside partners and succeed in the new era of digital power, he declared, “Huawei would establish a partnership structure based on “trust, profit, simplicity, and growth.”

As the Summit progressed, Huawei Digital Power revealed its channel partner philosophy, which was based on ecosystem integration and reciprocal benefits. Profitability, Simplicity, Enablement, and Ecosystem, or the four “PSEE” criteria, demonstrated the company’s commitment to strengthening partner capabilities and establishing a robust partnership structure built on simplicity, growth, and trust.

The smart PV industry’s global trends and Huawei’s role in promoting smart string inverters globally were discussed by Nick Lusson, Vice President of Huawei Digital Power Eastern Africa Region.

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