Ethiopian Power Company Increases Its Approach

Significant progress is being made by the Ethiopian Electric Utility (EEU) in updating its services and increasing access to energy. The number of EEU customers as of the 2023–2024 fiscal year is 4,615,787, indicating a net increase of 257,188 new consumers who joined in just eight months.

Fifty-one towns and villages have been added to the grid in the same eight-month timeframe. “We are seeing results from our continued efforts to bring in new clients,” Ato Melaku Taye, EEU’s Director of Corporate Communications, stated. He pointed out that since many people share a single meter connection, the numbers probably understated the true number of persons benefited by energy.

Although 386,328 connections were the target figure for the first eight months, 257,188 additional connections were actually made. Acknowledging the necessity for modernization, EEU is putting several initiatives into action to enhance service delivery and minimize energy waste.

The installation of smart meters in two phases to replace the 50,000 current meters is a major endeavor. These meters will improve grid management by enabling more precise data to be provided. In order to overcome the difficulties associated with reading meters, digital reading devices are also being used.

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