Two Million Token Meters Will Be Upgraded Within Three Weeks by Kenya Power

Kenya Power has updated two million pre-paid meters out of the 7.4 million that were targeted. In the three weeks since the campaign was initiated to secure the created tokens. By the August deadline, the electricity company is optimistic that it will have acquired all of the targeted prepaid subscribers.

“We are pleased to see that our customers have taken the call to update their meters seriously, and the numbers are encouraging.” According to Chief Executive Joseph Siror, “We are nearly at 30% of the targeted meters, and we are optimistic that all of our prepaid customers will have updated their meters by the August deadline.”

According to Kenya Power, it has taken a gradual approach, planning to update the meters one at a time. Upon purchasing an electrical token, a client who has their meter selected for an upgrade will receive an SMS containing the update codes.

“Customers¬† excessive demands for update codes have been prevented from overloading the prepaid system. thanks to the gradual approach. This has reduced issues like system lag and simplified the process of buying tokens and getting update codes. Once they receive the codes, we encourage all customers to update their meters,” Mr. Siror stated.

The update, which was made available in the middle of last month, is a part of a global initiative that targets all prepaid meters that make use of the Standard Transfer Specification, a mechanism that is universally used to transfer tokens to prepaid meters while guaranteeing the security of tokens that are created.

Those prepaid meters that fail to meet the deadline will stop accepting tokens after August 31. In the wake of the announcement that any tokens purchased prior to the upgrade would become invalid, the energy company advised customers to load their tokens before the upgrade.

With over 77.6% of the company’s 9.53 million clients being prepaid. Prepaid consumers make up the majority of its client. However, as part of its attempts to stop revenue leaks and reduce the expense of deploying meter readers, Kenya Power has been attempting to switch all of its customers to prepaid meters.