In Order To Develop a Renewable Energy Project of 1400MW, NDC Is Seeking Investors

DAR ES SALAAM: THE National Development Corporation is seeking additional participants for nineteen renewable energy projects, which together are expected to generate more than 1400MW of electricity.

According to Mr. Sempeho Manongi, Acting Permanent Secretary of the Industry and Trade Ministry, who briefed visiting Chinese investors in Dar es Salaam, seventeen of the 19 projects are solar power projects, and the other twelve are wind power projects.

The regions of Morogoro, Iringa, Singida, Dodoma, and Arusha are home to the proposed projects, Mr. Sempeho Manongi added, referring to Chinese investors from different firms who had traveled to the country to investigate investment potential.

The attendees were given a tour of the many investment possibilities offered by the NDC, including the choice to participate only in the initiative or in joint partnerships. Three 120 MW wind power projects are located in Iringa; two additional 100 MW wind power projects are located in Dodoma; and two 100 MW wind power projects are located in Arusha.

Likewise, the corporation has designated four solar power projects in Singida that would generate 234 MW, three in Dodoma that will generate 156 MW, three in Morogoro that will generate 526 MW, and two in Iringa that will generate 190 MW.

Given that the nation’s manufacturing sector need additional power, the business extended an invitation to them regarding investment potential in renewable energy. The purpose of the visit was to educate them about the business and investment opportunities in Tanzania and our country, which has been adopting an open economy with China. Tanzania and China are still trade partners.

We have reviewed laws and regulations to create a welcoming climate for trade and investment. He reassured the delegates, “We have enough land for investments.”

The Chinese delegation’s presence will strengthen our bilateral collaboration, and I believe that our meeting with them will open up a lot of opportunities for our country.” China is recognized as a major industrialized nation; we invite your investment and support cooperative efforts between Chinese and Tanzanian businesses in the fields of manufacturing and agriculture,” Mr. Sempeho Manongi declared.

In addition Mr. Manongi, said that the delegates had expressed interest in contributing to the nation’s agricultural sector, which included manufacturing medical devices, power tillers, tractor assemblies, and water pumps.

Among other things, the investors said they were willing to invest US $24.5 million (about 62.8 billion) in agriculture, US $6 million (around 15.4 billion) in health, and US $11.3 million (roughly 29 billion) in building.

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) Committee’s Party Secretary, Mr. Shen Dong, expressed gratitude to the AMEC Group of Companies for planning their trip to Tanzania. Mr. Dong pointed out that the reason for their tour was the historical connections and amazing similarities between the people of Tanzania and China.