Balancell Energy is acknowledged as Africa’s fastest-growing manufacturing enterprise.

The Financial Times has released its list of the 125 Fastest Growing Companies in Africa for the Year, in collaboration with Statista. Balancell Energy, a South African company that develops, builds, and produces intelligent lithium-ion batteries for various uses, ranked first in the manufacturing category.

Innovative South African company Balancell Energy (Pty) Ltd develops, creates, and produces intelligent lithium-ion batteries for a variety of uses. This business, which is ready to revolutionize the battery industry, topped the Manufacturing category of the Financial Times and Statista list of Africa’s 125 Fastest Growing Companies for 2024. The business, which came in at number 17, was also among the top 20 overall.

It’s not an easy task to be listed among Africa’s 125 Fastest Growing Companies. Participation is open to all African nations, and hundreds of businesses were encouraged to submit applications once Statista identified them as qualified applicants. The review procedure for applicants was tough and intricate, involving a meticulous screening of all the data they presented.

The nation as a whole gains when South African companies do well internationally. That is undoubtedly the case with Balancell, a company dedicated to creating jobs that conducts all of its product development and manufacturing domestically. According to Osborne, “the company presently provides more than 1,000 downstream employment opportunities while providing 60 full-time direct jobs.” Given its swift growth, these figures are probably only going to get bigger. Based on studies from the World Economic Forum, developing countries can create the most jobs in the energy, technology, and care sectors. Balancell wants to help South Africa take advantage of these opportunities.

Balancell is in the midst of entering the European market and has already started exporting large-scale batteries across the continent.

Osborne thinks that the nation would eventually reap additional benefits. “The company has developed an extremely affordable, top-notch battery and energy platform. The company has made great strides in the industrial motive sector, and we think we have now developed a high-voltage solution that will assist South Africa in resolving its current energy crisis by offering a reliable energy storage option that can supply the grid with a base load. Because this solution’s engineering talent and intellectual property are domestic, South Africa won’t need to rely on foreign vendors for energy solutions, according to Osborne.