Rwanda plans US $1m Rwesero Social Housing Project

Kigali City authorities have planned to relocate at least 13,000 households from high-risk zones as part of efforts to improve urban settlements, ensure a resilient, clean and green city, but also to keep people safe from disasters like land slides. The government of Rwanda with a USD 1 million is ready to construct social housing in high risk zones in Nyarugenge district as a part of Rwesero Social Housing Project.

According to Mayor Kayisime Nzaramba the Rwesero Social Housing Project is an important part of the plan of ensuring a consistent clean and green city and in efforts to improve urban planning while also protecting residents from disaster.

Construction of 50 housing units for families in urgent need of support will be carried out as a part of phase one and the entire project is expected to be completed by the end of this year. Mayor Kayisime also added that infrastructure for the Ring Road in the city will be completed for easy access.

The Joint Action Development Forum (JADF) Stakeholders will contribute to 80% of the million dollar project. The mayor further added that a few disaster affected families will be given plots and materials for their own construction. The Rwesero Social Housing Project will benefit more than 132 vulnerable families. 82 more disaster affected families will have to construct for themselves with the given plots and materials.