Kenyans to Benefit on New Launch of Pay-As-You-Go Solar Satellite Tv By Azuri

Azuri Technologies, pay-as-you-go solar technology provider, has revealed its new 32-inch solar satellite TV system specially designed and customised for off-grid customers in Africa.

The newly launched 32-inch Azuri TV which is the latest product release from the company which already has in its product portfolio a 24-inch solar satellite TV. Azuri was the first pay-as-you-go company back in 2016 to integrate solar TV with satellite entertainment in one affordable package for households without approaching to mains electricity.

Azuri’s 32-inch TV Solar Home System comes with 4 high brightness LED lights, mobile phone charging and a rechargeable torch and radio. More than 60 satellite TV channels and 20 plus radio channels complete the package.

To guarantee durability and to meet the conditions of rural environments, the TV features Azuri Tough Screen technology, designed to withstand accidental damage during normal use in the home.

The 32-inch AzuriTV will fisrt launched in Kenya at only KSh129 per day and in other markets across Sub-Saharan Africa later in the year.

Kenya having 10 million households, but still only around 3.9 million households have TV.

Azuri CEO Simon Bransfield-Garth said “Azuri’s aim is one that sees a level playing field where all consumers have the ability to benefit from modern products and services, regardless of where they live,”

He added saying “Solar TV provides a range of important social benefits including access to news and information and unprecedented connectivity for people without access to power”.

According to the Efficiency for Access Coalition, a coalition to gear up global energy access through energy-efficient equipmets, televisions are the second most useful off-grid appliance, with only solar lighting ranking more highly.

In a survey of Azuri customers, 98% customers said they felt more aware of local and international news while 92% of customers said watching television programs in their favoured language had improved their communications skills. 60% of customers reported seeing their children improve reading, writing and speaking skills since installing an Azuri solar TV.

Azuri’s pay-as-you-go solar lighting and TV products need customers to make small weekly payments via mobile money to unlock the system’s power. Using this very easy payment service, customers are able to use a wide range of modern digital capabilities and services including micro-insurance and media content.