Crabtree the manufacturer of metal decorating and coating equipment has enjoyed further export success by completing a contract with a customer in Kenya.

Crabtree, was commissioned by metals and plastics packaging company Metal Crowns to provide a custom-built metal decorating machine that would enable it to reduce labor costs and increase output. Metal Crowns, a Nairobi-based firm makes crown corks for the beverage industry, working with brands like Coca-Cola and Heineken

Alan Rutter, senior director, Crabtree, shared: “It has been great working with Metal Crowns to develop their capability.” Crab tree takes on all kinds of projects centered around the clients’ wants, needs, skill set and infrastructure like versatility and accessibility are common place as we look into projects with the technical team, in a bid to offer a solution for all potential clients, start-up or established, specifics or general. A senior official said that the success is because of their open minded flexible approach. They aim to be the solution, not the option.

General manager printing, Michael Hart, added: “We are delighted with the level of service and attention to detail provided by the Crabtree team”
For Crabtree, efficiency is the number one priority, so they tasked the organisation with providing a machine that could deliver certain efficiencies in speed, accuracy and shorten the time to set the designs – this is exactly what they delivered.