Electrified Africa, Prospering Market

Along with the population of more than a billion and increasing access to power, sub-Saharan Africa could present a vast market for electrical products and services – sectors that are among Hong Kong’s fortes.

In its 2017 World Economic Outlook, the International Energy Agency (IEA) said energy for all in the region is achievable by 2030, provided 95% of the US$52 billion investment per year enforced worldwide for electricity-for-all goes into sub-Saharan Africa.

The region may be a laggard on access for power, but the situation has changed effectively in recent times, and now 71% of the region’s urban residents have power. The rise in power capacity has created a strong and growing demand for electrical appliances.

While many urban households have been able to get connected recently, most rural areas remain in the dark, with a penetration rate of just 22% in the countryside. Wiring rural communities up often proves expensive because of the long distances involved.