New Platform launched for solar professionals in Africa Region

A new initiative, the Africa Solar Industry Association, has launched to boost solar power in the African region. The Africa Solar Industry Association (AFSIA) will mainly aim on large scale grid-connected projects to off-grid solar home systems, through to hybrid systems including diesel and storage to solar water pumping, solar stoves or solar water heaters.

The association is headquartered in Kigali, Rwanda and its regional coverage expands from Egypt to South Africa, from Cape Verde to Madagascar.
AFSIA creats networking opportunities for solar professionals and end-users, and gives them access to the right information and the appropriate network to expand their business and enhance the solar industry across the continent.

“Africa is paving the way to a bright and effective solar future driven by a conviction: solar energy is the best ally to accompany the continent’s growth,” said John van Zuylen, the founder of AFSIA.

“AFSIA will take advantage of this momentum by promoting the use of solar power in Africa and strengthening the regional solar energy industry in all its diversity,” van Zuylen added.

The visionary solar association will provide its members with a platform to network with partners and customers, to share most excellent practices through tailor-made workshops and to support each other as they work towards extending the role of solar in Africa and raise the awareness about the endless potential for solar power in this region.