The UK Government has committed to funding several projects in Kenya

UK promises billions toward expanding trade ties with Kenya through its Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt.
They are said to funding several projects in Kenya.

British firm “De La Rue” pledged to invest KSh1.4 billion in Kenya to improve its local business.

The decision is likely to result in more employment opportunities, better and upgraded trade ties, and increased investment possibilities.

The company deals in the production of identification documents like passports and Identity Cards, tax stamps, and currency.

The capital injection will lead to new employment opportunities, better business for local supplies, and faster economic growth.

UK power generating company Globeleq offered KSh6.9 billion for the Malindi Solar Power project.
The coastal region often suffers from power outages which creates problem for business productivity.

The solar plant is likely to provide 250 new jobs for the locals and generate clean and reasonable power by 2020.

Moreover, economic productivity in the area will increase due to the dependable electric power supply.

Susie Kitchens, UK’s deputy High Commissioner to Kenya, described the meeting with Kenyan officials and British representatives as “really constructive.”

The Kenya Catalytic Jobs Fund, financed by the British government, committed to provide grants and technical assistance to innovative startups in Kenya such as Ten Senses Africa, Savanna Circuit, TakaTaka Solutions, and Build Her.