The Ministry of Petroleum of the Republic of South Sudan partners AEC to boost its petroleum sector

The African Energy Chamber (AEC) gets into a technical assistance cooperation agreement with the Ministry of Petroleum of the Republic of South Sudan to strengthen the country’s capacity to focus on its hydrocarbon sector

The chamber has mentioned that this technical assistance will assist the country in building an enabling environment for business and a world-class oil industry.
Under the agreement, the chamber will conduct an ultimate needs analysis of the oil and gas sector in South Sudan and mark the vital institutional and policy reforms needed to strengthen capacity across the country’s value chain. The chamber will also work on crucial energy access initiatives and mobilize investment for the country.

Ezekiel Lol Gatkuoth, minister of petroleum in South Sudan, said, “We continue to do an extraordinary job when it comes to oil field resumption. We are seeing a growth in production. However, capacity building programmes are needed to have our citizen’s work and manage our oil resources properly. We welcome the help of the oil sector through the AEC in its collaboration with our country.”

“This partnership with the AEC once again proves the high level of trust and genuine collaboration that is needed to develop our country. Assuring energy access is important for every South Sudanese in our march towards economic growth,” he added.

NJ Ayuk, executive chairman at the AEC, also said, “South Sudan is East Africa’s only mature oil producer so the interest of oil companies to invest in the market as it puts back damaged field into production is growing.”

“Now is the time for the oil industry to rally around the country’s efforts to produce a sustainable hydrocarbons sector whose revenues equitably benefit all South Sudanese. The boosting of the country’s oil sector is a priority as it will provide a pillar for the development of East Africa’s entire energy value-chain,” he concluded.