A Turkish Bottled Water Company Has Invested $6.5 Million In Ethiopia

Avante Water, owned by the General Group Beverages (GGB), inaugurated its bottled water brand at a ceremony held in capital Addis Ababa.

“The factory sits on 4,700 square meters factory complex,” it added, situated 110 kilometers (68.35 miles) north of the capital.

“The company accomplished the establishment of Avante Water with direct investment,” GGB said in a statement.

The plant has three production lines including blowing, filling and packaging. It has a capacity of producing 30,000 liters of water an hour.

The company uses the lightest plastic for the bottle which makes it compressible so it takes less space in the trashcan contributing to a cleaner environment.

Bulent Durmaz, GGB general manager said, “We deliver natural and clean water in a new bottle and we do not refill used ones.”

Our effort to save the environment from plastic surplus, we will collect all pet bottles, crush and convert it to another product and export it,” said Bulent Durmaz.

He further continued, “Our biggest vision is to keep investing where needed and give more job opportunities to the Ethiopian youth.”