USA to invest more than USD 2 billion in Angola’s oil, gas sector

The USA Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, while speaking at a meeting upheld by the United States-Angola Chamber of Commerce (USACC) where he publicized that the USA wants to be noble partners of the Angolan people.

Pompeo said that the financial transparency and anti-corruption reform agenda, executed by the Angolan President, João Lourenço, needs to carry on and take root. The investment to be made by American companies, mentioned the head of American diplomacy, will bring great advantage to the Angolan people.

He further explained that if the fight against corruption is done collectively and well, more agreements will be extended and the institutions will do everything to encourage employment and wealth. He also guaranteed that the USA will do their best for the Angolan people to achieve prosperity.

Mike Pompeo in his speech addressed to Angolan and American authorities, as well as businesspersons from both countries, mentioned of an American initiative known as “New Financial Cooperation”, valued at USD 60 billion, which was launched 45 days ago and it aims to interest private investment in countries, primarily for sectors such as agriculture and energy. Pompeo also said that, it is an initiative targeted to energize Africa.

Regarding the “Prosperous Africa” initiative, he informed that talks are taking place in the energy sector, which will restart in June.

According to the US official, a hefty slice of the USD 60 billion of this initiative goes to the African continent.