Ethiopia: GERD Two Turbines to Go Operational By August 2021

The Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) will start generating 750 MW out of the 2 completed units by August 2021, Ethiopian Electric Corporation said.

The corporation’s CEO, Ashebir Balcha told local media that the 2 units have the power of generating 375 MW of energy each.

Ashebir Balcha further said that the first phase of energy generation produces more than that of Tekeze and Gilgel Gibe combined which have the capacity of generating 300 MW and 420 MW respectively.

The 2 units are planned to generate 400 GW/H having the capacity to provide about 4 million populations with energy facility, Ashebir Balcha highlighted.

Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam National Public Participation and Coordination Office also remarked that the project is well underway as the 2 water tunnels have been completed and started operating last week.

The civil work of the project has been completed 91% whereas the metal works 53.7% with an overall progress of 79%, as to the office.

The reservoir accumulated 4.9 billion cubic meter of water by the 1st round filling carried out in July 2020, as to the Office.

The Office General Director Aregawi Berhe (Ph.D) said that the 8100 a messaging campaign escalated public’s commitment to support the project.

Likewise, EthioTelecom has contributed 122.5 million Birr secured through 8100 messaging campaign to the project during a handover ceremony organized at Hyatt Regency Hotel last year in April.