Africa having untapped potential in the biodegradable paper and plastic packaging market

From 2021 to 2028, the market for biodegradable paper and plastic packaging is predicted to increase. In 2021, the market for biodegradable paper and plastic packaging in Africa was estimated to be worth USD 1.03 billion and by 2026, it is predicted to grow at a CAGR of 11.65%, reaching a value of USD 1.79 billion.

The packaging characteristics, appearance, and other aspects vary depending on the materials used in biodegradable packaging. Although the packaging industry is a large one, the biodegradable packaging industry is a small part of it. Global biodegradable packaging has advanced and gotten more refined in recent years. Biodegradable packaging will become a big element of the packaging industry in the next years.

For covering, the biodegradable packaging procedure employs a natural and easily degradable protection technology. When compared to traditional non-biodegradable packaging, this technique has various advantages. There is no need for an additional ingredient to aid in the decomposition of biodegradable packaging because it decomposes swiftly.

Packaging, food and beverage, catering servicewares, personal and home care, healthcare, and others make up the biodegradable paper and plastic packaging market. The demand for food and beverages in Africa has increased as the region’s population’s income level has risen.

The developing nations has untapped potential that global corporations have yet to discover, and as a result, strong growth in this industry is projected, with a lot of aid from local governments emphasising the environmental benefits of adopting biodegradable paper and plastic packaging.

Biodegradable paper & plastic packaging is gaining popularity in Africa as consumers become more aware of the need for less carbon-emitting materials. Due to the use of more green products to combat the environment, the demand for biodegradable paper & plastic packaging is on the increase.

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