Since the formation of devolved units of government in 2013, Kenya has seen increased infrastructure investment. To reach this infrastructural milestone, contractors required high-end technology that would allow them to meet project completion timelines.

Quipbank Trust Limited has been at the forefront of providing much-needed construction equipment, making it easier for contractors to achieve their infrastructure project completion time frames.

‘We’ve collaborated with Narok County to assist in the construction of dams. We have collaborated with Bomet County to assist them to build their road networks. Outside of Kenya, we have collaborated with the Tanzanian government, where we are a supplier in one of the gold mines,’ explains Bertha Mvati, Director of Quipbank.

Kenya is currently undertaking massive infrastructure projects in an effort to spur economic growth while also retaining its position as the region’s economic powerhouse.

The Nairobi highway, which is already transforming the metropolis, is scheduled to be completed in 2022.

Quipbank Trust is now collaborating with a South African firm and another in India to assist supply much-needed high-end equipment to fulfill increased demand from ongoing projects.

Kenya stands to benefit from improved infrastructure in terms of attracting more international investment as well as improving its economic standing in Africa. Ronald Agak for Aficanews in Kenya’s Machakos County.