Tanzania’s Mitsubishi Fuso dealership has been acquired by CFAO Motors

The local Mitsubishi Fuso dealership has been acquired by CFAO Motors Tanzania, the company has stated.

Mr Francois Bompart, Managing Director of CFAO Motors Tanzania, stated, “I am delighted to share with you this new chapter in the life of CFAO Motors Tanzania.” We began distributing FUSO, a well-known brand that is closely related to and complimentary to the Mercedes-Benz truck line, a few weeks ago.

He claimed Mercedes Benz took over Mitsubishi Fuso Trucks and Buses (known as MFTBC) around 10 years ago and fully merged its manufacturing to its own line of cars.

“Today, we are extremely glad to be able to supply any type of truck from 3.5 to 40 tonnes and give you, our clients and prospects, with very high quality vehicles as well as a performing organisation for spare parts and after sales,” he added.

“We recognise that truck investments necessitate complete assistance from the FUSO dealership in order to give you with the highest uptime.” The CFAO strategy is to offer complete assistance for spare parts availability, a training programme, and a workshop if necessary. The aftersales staff are already in place and ready to assist you.

To round out its car offering, CFAO Motors says it has begun working with banks and financial institutions to simplify credit, rental, and lease solutions for all of its clients.

“I also want to emphasise that this collaboration between FUSO and CFAO is yet another milestone in the two organisations’ already strong relationship,” he stated.

In other African nations, including Nigeria, Ghana, the Ivory Coast, Gabon, Kenya, and Mauritius, other CFAO subsidiaries already collaborate with FUSO.

Mr Dhananjay Chavan, a DAIMLER FUSO representative, stated, “Daimler Trucks is a separate firm, delivering several Trucks and Bus Brands over the world.” CFAO has been a key Daimler Trucks business partner in numerous Central African markets for Mercedes Benz and FUSO Trucks and Buses.

“As you are aware, CFAO Tanzania has been our partner in the Mercedes-Benz industry for about 70 years. With the commencement of Fuso company in Tanzania, we’ve taken another step toward expanding our partnership. Many congrats to the CFAO team,” he stated.

Chavan stated that with this agreement, they would be able to better service clients by offering a wider range of products ranging from 3.5t to heavy duty trucks from MFTBC Japan and Daimler India under the brand Fuso.

This will also serve as a one-stop shop for all consumer requirements, including aftersales.

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