Kenya Collaborates With Mauritius to Strengthen Economic Growth

Kenya has been urged to collaborate with Mauritius in order to achieve robust economic growth that is both inclusive and sustainable.

Industry players have noted various similarities between Mauritius and Kenya, giving more reason as to why collaborations are needed to improve the growth between the 2 nations.

According to David Osiany, Chief Administrative Secretary, Ministry of Industry, Trade and Enterprise Development, Kenya and Mauritius share with each other in terms of trade, COMESA signatories, and the Africa continental free trade agreement.

“We have come to have conversations about how we can harness our potential and work for good between Kenya and Mauritius,” he said.

“Mauritius is a number 1 leader in things to do with the business index in Africa while Kenya is 3rd. It will then tell you how much more we can achieve in continent with more than 55 countries.”

Hemraj Ramnial, the chairman of the Economic Development Board of Mauritius, said during a speech at the Mauritius-Kenya Investment Trade Forum that working together with the Kenyan government will be more effective in removing obstacles, establishing connections, and generating the necessary synergy to bring the best between the 2 nations.

“I encourage you to reflect about the industry gaps, the emerging opportunities arising with technology and new expertise, the growth poles, but more importantly the low-hanging fruits that we can capture immediately or in the short term through meaningful projects,” he said.

Ramnial said that all governments, policymakers, and decision-makers should be urged by the current state of the world economy to respond quickly to an urgent call and advance the Development Agenda in favour of smart and sustainable economic diversification, reshaping and strengthening the industries to be more competitive, and lowering risks by forging strong regional economic alliances.

He added that the chance will give Mauritius an opportunity to source inputs from Kenya and the surrounding area, resulting in Kenyan economic growth.

It will also allow Mauritius to connect with incentive programs from both the Kenyan and Mauritian sides, which will improve operations and financial viability.

“It will also leverage on human resources, talents, networks and edge, Market-Co-Product development and Branding and provide smart distribution of channels starting with 5 selected products of Mauritius (Sugar, Rum & Beverages, Apparel, Furniture, Food etc.),” he said.

The Government of Mauritius, through the Economic Development Board (EDB) has promised to provide Kenya with full support to bring the projects and initiatives to fruition.
Kenya and Mauritius have a friendly trading connection thanks to the creation of the Joint Commission Council, whose aim is to expand trade between the 2 nations.

In year 2021, the 2 nations got US$ 69.46 million (Sh8.4billion) worth of total trade, with Mauritius benefiting from the trade balance.

The banking and sugar industries are where Mauritius invests the most in Kenya among top African nations.