Kenya, Algeria Trades to Get Strengthen

Kenya will export tea, coffee, nuts, fruits and flowers to Algeria and import oil and gas from the North African country, National Assembly Speaker Moses Wetang’ula has announced.

Wetang’ula made the announcement after a week-long tour of Algeria where he held all the discussions with the country’s minister for Energy and Mines Mohamed Arkab and his Trade and Export counterpart Kamel Rezig.

Algeria commands a huge energy sector as an oil-producing country in the continent while Kenya is a big producer and exporter of tea, coffee, nuts and flowers.

While engaging the Minister of Energy, Wetang’ula indicated that Kenya is exploring possibilities of collaboration in capacity building on oil exploration and processing.

“Kenya has discovered oil resources but it is just at the initial stages of discovery and research. Algeria having traded in oil for many years, will be of help to our country in many aspects of the sector,” said Wetang’ula.

He added that technological skill transfer will help speed up the process of oil discovery in Kenya and will lead to a lowering the fuel prices in the country.

Arkab acknowledged the need for strengthening business ties with Kenya. He noted that the Algerian-owned Sonatrach company is the biggest oil company in Algeria and one of the oldest in Africa and has over the years established training centres.

“Algeria would be very happy to welcome our bothers from Kenya for training in oil matters,” he noted.

“Our production of oil is 1.7 million tons of oil in a year. We have a net of transportation of hydrocarbon from the south of Algeria. We have dedicated more than 25, 000 terminals and six shipping boats to oil transportation. In addition, Algeria produces 3 million tons of petrochemical products”.

Wetang’ula appreciated the willingness of the Minister of Energy to help build capacity for the oil sector in Kenya.

In a meeting with the minister of Trade and Export Promotion, Wetang’ula highlighted the Kenyan products as he shared local tea and coffee with the official.

“Kenya and Algeria have many common things drawn right from their history. The geographical location should not be a barrier in sharing our countries’ produce and culture,” he said.
The Speaker noted that Africa needs to deal with trade barriers in transacting business in the continent.

Rezig said he was delighted about the visit and expression of interest of the Kenyan delegation to do business with Algeria. He acknowledged that the formation of Kenya – Algeria Friendship Group would help propagate the trading agenda for the 2 countries.

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