Toyota Conducts Trials of the Hilux GR-S MHEV Prototype at The WRC Safari Rally 2023 In Kenya

Toyota has at last delivered the first details of its diesel mild-hybrid powertrain that will be seen working on the Hilux at first. The equivalent powertrain will likewise advance toward the Fortuner later on. Toyota as of late directed preliminaries of the hybrid powertrain on a Hilux GR-S model at the WRC Safari Rally 2023 in Kenya.

In an official release, Toyota has said that the Hilux mild hybrid, prone to be called Hilux MHEV upon debut, will be presented in many countries, including South Africa and Australia, one year from now. Toyota South Africa affirmed in Spring this year that Hilux and Fortuner will get mild-hybrid tech from 2024.

In view of a Hilux GR-S (GR Game), the model doesn’t appear to be essentially unique from an external perspective, save for the eye catching gear with ‘Hybrid’ imprinted in broad letters. The inside likewise shows up generally unaltered, despite the fact that there gives off an impression of being new controls where the ‘ECO’ and ‘PWR’ buttons would typically be in a customary Hilux GR-S.

Toyota led preliminaries of the new Hilux MHEV (Mild Hybrid Electric Vehicle) during the seventh round of the World Rally Championship (WRC) in Kenya. The Hilux MHEV idea was driven by four-time WRC champion and previous Toyota world title victor Juha Kankkunen from Finland, with co-driver Jimmi Gathu, a prestigious local Kenyan media character and entertainer.

Do the trick to say, the show run was a triumph, with Kankkunen broadcasting, “I’m 100 percent sure that this kind of vehicle will fit in Africa very well since there are still significant distance drives and charging electric cars is undeniably challenging. You can save fuel, and that implies less CO2. Africa is a decent market for this sort of vehicle, and you can make CO2 less with hybrid vehicles. That is what’s in store.”

As per Toyota, the mild hybrid framework for the Hilux comprises of a 48-volt battery, little electric engine generator and other supporting parts. These will be applied to the current 2.8 turbodiesel four-chamber motor with a six-speed programmed transmission to further develop mileage by roughly 10%, while safeguarding existing capacities – the Fortuner is likewise scheduled to get this energized powertrain.