Iran Agrees to Make Cars in Kenya; Here Are Its 5 Popular Models

President William Ruto on Wednesday, July 11, declared that the Iran would set up a vehicle fabricating plant in Mombasa following reciprocal arrangements endorsed by the two nations.

Talking close by his partner, Ebrahim Raisi, Ruto uncovered that the vehicles would be named Kifaru, the Swahili name for a Rhino, to address the vehicles’ solidarity and sturdiness.

As per the Worldwide Association of Engine Vehicle Producers (OICA), Iran was positioned 6th universally in vehicle fabricating development in 2022.

As per Mordor Knowledge, the market size of Iran’s car industry was assessed at Ksh4.8 trillion (USD 34.64 Billion) in 2023.

Following the declaration that Iranian car producers are set to set up shelter in Kenya, investigates five popular vehicles made in Iran.


In spite of the fact that development of the vehicle was halted in 2005, the vehicle is as yet perhaps of the most renowned model in Iran.

The primary Pakyan was produced in 1967 by Iran Public, one of the greatest vehicle makers in the Asian country.

Because of its rich look, the vehicle is utilized intensely by senior government authorities. The model is additionally colossally famous in the taxi business.

IKCO Samand

Additionally alluded to as the public vehicle, the development of the Samand vehicle started in 2000.

The vehicle is a superior form of the Paykan – yet with a modernized shape and better eco-friendliness characteristics.

The vehicle is produced by Iran Khodro, an automaker settled in Tehran.


Runna is one more goliath in the selective rundown of exquisite vehicles fabricated in Iran.

Runna is fueled by a 1.6-liter TU5 motor. It is additionally more eco-friendly thus its ubiquity among drivers in Iran.

Informatively, the car looks similar to the Peugeot 206. The explanation for this is on the grounds that development of the Runna was propelled by the French vehicle.

Saipa Tiba

At first known as the Miniatur, the Saipa Tiba is a famous vehicle made by Saipa, one of the main two vehicle producers in Iran.

Creation of the hatchback started in 2008.

Iran Peugeot

Similarly as the name recommends, the Iran Peugeot is one more vehicle roused by the French vehicle, explicitly the Peugeot 405, Peugeot 206 and 207i models.

The Iran Peugeots are for the most part utilized by confidential residents in spite of the fact that there is an immense segment of cabbies who likewise use it for business.

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