Nexgen Packaging and ARISE IIP Have Partnered to Advance the Textile and Clothing Sector in Africa

Togo and Benin (West Africa) textile and apparel parks industrial centres will receive packaging infrastructure and services from Nexgen.

The alliance between Nexgen Packaging and ARISE Integrated Industrial Platforms (ARISE IIP), a top supplier of environmentally friendly packaging options and paper fiberboard hangers, was announced on July 26, 2023. Offering a complete solution from concept to operation, ARISE IIP specialises in creating and managing high-value industrial ecosystems throughout Africa. With an emphasis on the local conversion of locally generated raw materials (especially cotton) into value-added and completely traceable textiles & apparel, ARISE IIP designs, develops, runs, & promotes Integrated Industrial Zones throughout Africa. After that, the finished goods are sent to the US and European consumer markets.

The public-private partnership (PPP) approach is used to create the industrial ecosystems for ARISE IIP, which are then matched with local governments’ development goals. The ecosystem strategy satisfies all of a business’s strategic needs while enabling competitive transformation. The ARISE IIP textile parks in Togo and Benin offer cutting-edge facilities, close proximity to seaports, raw resources, a qualified and competitive workforce, sustainable processes and a stable political climate.

The CEO of ARISE IIP’s Textile Business, Rajaguru Raja Thandal, showed his belief in the alliance with Nexgen Packaging by saying, “This collaboration is going to be a significant milestone for the textile industry in Africa. We are still confident that it will lead to creative solutions, propel the textile sector to new heights and establish Africa as the next major global textile powerhouse.”

In Africa, Nexgen Packaging is a pioneer in producing environmentally friendly packaging. In support of ARISE IIP’s textile facilities in the West African nations of Benin and Togo, Nexgen will invest in infrastructure and services as part of this relationship. In order to fulfil the needs for trims, labels, and other packaging requirements in these industrial parks, this commitment will involve an immediate investment in machinery and raw materials. The long-term objective of Nexgen is to satisfy all packaging requirements for regional businesses through a scalable, local presence in both sites.

By listening to clients and acting swiftly and nimbly in response to their demands, Nexgen has grown to become a leading manufacturer of packaging solutions for the retail, garment, and footwear industries since its founding more than 16 years ago. One of the main factors in clients choosing Nexgen as their strategic global supplier is the company’s emphasis on providing truly sustainable services and investing in an optimised supply chain.

According to Nexgen CEO Jim Welch, “With our dedication to sustainable packaging in Africa, Nexgen is leading the industry. We are honoured to be a part of ARISE IIP’s plans for retail and apparel production in Africa, and we eagerly anticipate the chance to engage with US and European brands and retailers who are just starting to look into the possibilities in West Africa.

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