Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality’s Highest Solar Lighting Pilot Project

For Stanford Road in Gqeberha, Eastern Cape, BEKA Schréder has provided the solar lighting highmast system. The Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality’s highmast solar lighting pilot scheme produced this installation as a result of their initiative to keep cables out of criminals’ grasp.

The SOLARFLOOD by BEKA Schréder was selected for this experimental project. In addition to fighting widespread theft of cable and infrastructural destruction, 20-meter solar highmasts were selected to increase community safety and well-being by providing lighting during load shedding. This is a successful pilot project for the Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality and the first solar highmast installation in the Eastern Cape.

For all area applications, the solar lighting highmast option is the SOLARFLOOD. For off-grid solar lighting needs, BEKA Schréder’s highmast solar lighting solution, designed and built in South Africa, offers a reliable and high-performing solution for outside open areas and rural applications. A maximum five-year warranty is included.

With a high Ingress Protection level (IP 66) and the ability to tolerate high temperatures in the environment, the SOLARFLOOD offers a dependable lighting solution. It has an excellent lumen/watt ratio and is a sustainable off-grid performer. BEKA Schréder’s top-notch optics enable mounting up to 20 metres, delivering excellent light where it’s needed.

The extremely efficient Monocrystalline solar module technology optimises the photovoltaic energy conversion process. This, along with our lithium energy storage technology and Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) charging system, offers a cutting-edge quality system that gives the necessary autonomy to the system and a long-lasting solution to function in any of our extremely demanding African environmental conditions.

In South Africa, BEKA Schréder creates and produces LED lighting solutions that are energy-efficient, sustainable, and appropriate for the region.