eThekwini Municipality to Introduce its Updated Street Lighting.

New street lights have been placed around Durban by the eThekwini Municipality.

LED luminaries are the name given to the new lighting infrastructure by the city’s communications unit.

“The previous high-intensity discharge luminaires have been replaced by these. As part of its energy-saving initiatives, the city made the modification. The amount of light produced by an LED luminaire at the time of installation and the amount produced at a later date are comparable, which means that LED luminaires offer good lumen maintenance,” a municipal spokesperson said.

The city claimed that it is more than 50% energy-efficient and produces more light than traditional lighting solutions.

The city also mentioned how much less upkeep is needed for the newly constructed structures.

To stop theft and damage to economic structure, the city is now collaborating with the Specialised Multi-Disciplinary Economic Infrastructure Task Team.

Internal investigations are also being conducted, according to Maxwell Mthembu, Head of the Electricity Unit, to uncover criminal networks that steal vital economic infrastructure, such as copper cables, electrical conductors, transformers, scrap metal, street lights and electrical fittings.

When shortages are detected, the Street Lighting Department of the Municipality works nonstop to expedite the installation of street lights. The Planning Division of the Electricity Department’s maintenance inspectors perform monthly audits to guarantee efficient maintenance and control.

“Sadly, vandalism and infrastructure theft have been a recurring problem for our street lighting department, significantly impeding our ability to carry out our duties,” Mthembu stated.

He continued that the department is still doing daily repairs and putting forth great effort to address the problems ailing the city’s street lighting system. In the municipality, more than 90% of the street lights are operational right now. The main focus is on street light maintenance and inspection along important routes and the city centre.