Hisense Opens its First HVAC Branch in Cape Town, South Africa.

Hisense, a household name in South Africa for over 15 years and Filibiz, the agent for Hisense Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC), marked a key milestone on Thursday, November 9th, with the establishment of the first South African Hisense HVAC Cape Town partnership branch. The event, hosted at the beautiful Bloemendal Wine Estate, gave attendees an up-close look at HVAC technology, including eco-friendly and energy-efficient solutions, just in time for the next air-conditioning season.

Hisense has established a strong presence in South Africa in recent years, offering a wide range of home and entertainment products. Filibiz became the South African distributor for Hisense RAC and LCAC equipment, which increased its footprint in the HVAC market. The collaboration began in early 2020, right before the COVID-19 epidemic began. Filibiz has shown to be an incredible partner since then, consistently offering excellent professionalism and exceptional customer service.

The newly established branch is in line with Hisense’s overall HVAC market strategy in South Africa. The importance of this expansion was expressed by Luna Nortje, Assistant Vice President of Hisense South Africa, who stated, “With the launch of the Cape Town branch, our primary objective is to reinforce Hisense’s presence in the region and offer our valued partners faster access to a wide range of HVAC products, spare parts and the personalised attention they rightfully deserve.”

The cooperation promotes not only innovation but also environmental sustainability. Hisense’s HVAC solutions prioritise energy efficiency, lowering carbon footprints and contributing to a cleaner future for the South African HVAC industry. Hisense and Filibiz are at the forefront of delivering ethical and sustainable solutions.

Hisense HVAC is making a considerable impact on the African continent, with operations in Mauritius, Madagascar and Seychelles. Filibiz and Hisense are both confident in the quality and innovation that Hisense Air Conditioning delivers to the African HVAC market. Hisense provides high-efficiency and reliable energy solutions because of its rich history, substantial research and development capabilities, cutting-edge production facilities and stringent quality assurance methods.