To Achieve Its Goal Of Becoming A Premier Packaging Company, QuaLabels Teams Up With BOBST.

In order to grow its company and provide top-notch labels and packaging to national and international brand owners in the beer, soft drink, snack, personal care and home care industries, QuaLabels in Ethiopia purchased a BOBST shaftless gravure printing press. In addition to setting QuaLabels apart from regional rivals, the calculated investment in BOBST is opening the door for expansion in a difficult environment.

QuaLabels Manufacturers Plc has installed Ethiopia’s first BOBST gravure press, fulfilling its ambition. The company’s machine is actually the first of its kind from any European manufacturer, which is in line with its goal of being the most dependable local partner with exceptional customer service, on-time delivery and the most affordable price.

Chairman and CEO Brook Worku created QuaLabels in 2016, which is currently leading the Ethiopian beer label market. The company, which is ten kilometres north of Addis Ababa, has a modern, food-certified plant in Legettafo town. It is dedicated to providing excellent customer service and high-quality products. Serving clients such as Heineken NV, PepsiCo Inc., Unilever plc and The Coca-Cola Company, among others, it specialises in primary and secondary packaging primarily for the food and beverage, detergent and confectionery industries.

The company won the title of Leading Packaging & Printing Services Provider – Central Ethiopia at the African Excellence Awards 2023, a recognition of its unwavering commitment, given by the MEA Markets journal. At its state-of-the-art, purpose-built plant, which also features a dedicated staff canteen, QuaLabels hires the greatest people and takes great pride in being an employer of choice.

It was decided several years ago to upgrade QuaLabels’ printing department with new gravure technology. During a trip Mr. Worku got to know BOBST and began looking into the market prospects. Following an initial meeting and additional deliberations, he concluded that the best option for his business would be a BOBST gravure printing machine for flexible materials.

“We need to make investment decisions that offer sustainable growth with dependable support systems because we are a dynamic company with high ambitions and a focus on long-term success,” he clarified. With decades of experience in gravure printing, it was clear that BOBST leads the industry. The conversations we’re having about our expansion goals with the new BOBST machines are a direct reflection of happy customers.

The shaftless gravure printing machine, installed during the coronavirus crisis, was specifically made with sleeve print cylinders for quick and effective operation. Additionally, the gravure press has Registron® register control, high-performance dual technology dryers and extremely accurate web tension management. It comes pre-configured with the TAPS fully automatic pre-register capability, which simplifies setup by only pressing a button. With reduced waste, QuaLabels can manufacture both short and long runs on a variety of materials thanks to these advanced technology.

QuaLabels has received training and assistance from the local service team along the process. “We are very happy with the service we receive from BOBST,” Mr. Worku stated. To optimise efficiency, the team pays us frequent visits and helps with periodic maintenance and machine cleaning. After receiving excellent training on the new press, the operators are likewise quite content.

After we put the BOBST gravure press into service, we will be able to produce new, high-quality solutions faster while still meeting all legal criteria and satisfying client demands, according to Mr. Worku. As we continue to enter new areas, we intend to live up to our motto, “Packaging at its Best,” by utilising the strength of our new investment.

“We are honoured to partner with QuaLabels, which is a highly innovative and committed company,” said Angelo Cavallo, Technology Sales Manager – GRV&LAM BOBST BU PC, speaking on behalf of BOBST. Since I’ve worked directly with the team, I can attest to how the new BOBST gravure press has elevated the company to new heights in terms of production, application types, and quality—enabling it to pursue its aspirations.