The Industrial and Trade Development Department’s acting director, Ousmane Fall, is appointed by the African Development Bank

As Director of Non-Sovereign Operations (NSO) and Private Sector Support Department, Ousmane Fall will remain in his existing position. In this capacity, he is responsible for managing the Bank’s NSO Portfolio and leading the Bank’s investments in equity and private equity funds.

After four years in the International Finance Corporation (IFC), where he led ministerial discussions and provided strategic leadership on country planning in the African infrastructure space, he has returned to the African Development Bank with this post.

Before joining IFC, he worked for 10 years at the Bank, holding several positions in the public and private sector departments, including Acting Manager for Strategy and Transactions Support Division and Officer in Charge for the Non-Sovereign Infrastructure Division. He also spearheaded knowledge management and training on non-sovereign operations with the establishment of the Non-Sovereign Operations Pathways/Modules focused on project finance, corporate loans, financial modelling, technical assistance, client relationship management, equity investments and many more.

He spent ten years working for the Bank before joining IFC, holding a number of roles in both the public and private sectors, such as Officer in Charge of the Non-Sovereign Infrastructure Division and Acting Manager for the Strategy and Transactions Support Division. With the creation of the Non-Sovereign Operations Pathways/Modules, which cover a wide range of topics including project finance, corporate loans, financial modeling, technical support, client relationship management, equity investments, and much more, he also led knowledge management and training on non-sovereign operations.

He oversaw Energy in the Bank’s Public Sector Department, where he worked on solar and hydro projects among other things. Additionally, he contributed to the creation and execution of the Bank’s exposure management policy and capital adequacy framework while working in the risk department.

“I am so appreciative and honored to have been named by President Adesina as the Acting Director of the Industrial and Trade Development Department,” stated Ousmane Fall. For both the Bank and the nations that make up our region, industrialization is a top priority. Under the direction of the President and the Senior Management team of the Bank, I am still totally committed to helping to quicken the industrialization of our continent.

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