Ksh. 5.5 million New Water Project Benefits Ngimugerega Community

The goal of a new water project in Ngimugerega, Lopur Ward, is to lessen the strain on the Kalopusia water source, which presently supplies 20–30 kilometers of settlements.

The location for the new water project has been turned over by the County Government via the Department of Water Services. The strategic placement of the Ngimugerega water project in relation to the main migratory routes used by the pastoralists in the area.

The project is expected to be finished by the end of this fiscal year and cost Ksh. 5.5 million. Borehole drilling, solarization, and the building of a water kiosk and a 10,000 M3 plastic tank are all part of the proposed project.

In the presence of the village administration and an MCA Lopur Ward representative, Eng Reinhard Wanjala of the planning and design section gave the handover certificate to the contractor at Ngimugerega.

The Ngimugerega project was one of the 36 projects scheduled for completion in Turkana in the current financial year, according to County Executive of Water Services Faith Aletea, at a meeting with the contractor and local leaders before to the handover.

In order to guarantee that households would have access to water, the CECM underlined the project’s necessity and gave the contractor strict instructions to gather resources and finish it by the deadline. The County Executive emphasized following normal operating procedures and rules and threatened to take legal action against the contractor if they did not comply.

When the project is finished, it should improve relations between the host and refugee communities in the nearby wards of Kakuma and Lopur. In addition, it will cater to the needs of pastoralists who live nomadic along the Turkana North, Lopur, Lokichoggio, and Nanam migration routes.

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