Sh90 Million Water Project launched in West Pokot, Kenya

A water project of Sh 90 million has been started by the government with the goal of giving over 50,000 households in West Pokot County long-term access to potable water.

Water and Sanitation PS Julius Korir initiated the Muruny-Chepareria water project, which is significant because it attempts to meet the water requirements of the communities in the Pokot South Constituency that live in Chepareria, Kipkomo, Senetwa, and Ywalateke.

Additionally, Korir presided over the groundbreaking ceremony for the Mtembur-Kitalakapel water project, which will increase the commodity’s accessibility in the Kapenguria Constituency.

The PS said that the Mtembur-Kitalakapelr water project will help around 11,000 homes in the Kitalekapel and Mtembur areas, including Kopoch Trading Center and Raila Road Junction.

He disclosed that the water pipeline will serve several government buildings and educational institutions located along its designated route.

The PS underlined that the government’s introduction of two water programs represents a major advancement in advancing water security and raising the standard of living for local citizens.

According to Korir, the beginning of the water project in the area demonstrates the government’s continued commitment to guaranteeing that its people have access to clean water.

The PS went on to say that more than 50,000 homes in Chepareria, Kipkomo, Senetwo, Ywalateke, and Morpus in the Bartei region are expected to benefit from the Muruny Chepareria water project.

According to Korir, the water project’s capacity to produce three million liters of water per day highlights its significant scope and potential impact.

He said that the water project not only addresses the existing problems with water scarcity but also lays the groundwork for ongoing socioeconomic development and improved living conditions for the locals.

“The project’s goal of bringing clean water closer to their homes will not only improve these communities’ general quality of life but also require less time and effort,” PS Korir stated.

He said that having access to stable water supplies may have many benefits, from improving cleanliness and health to promoting business ventures and agricultural advancement.

Korir emphasized the critical role that the project plays in safeguarding the county’s public health by highlighting its significance in minimizing waterborne infections.

According to Korir, adding a gravity system is essential to ensuring the long-term viability of the basic water delivery infrastructure.

The Water Initiative’s launch, according to Area Governor Simon Kachapin, highlights the basic necessity of West Pokot County residents having access to clean, safe water. He also highlights the initiative’s significance in highlighting the county government’s commitment to putting the welfare of its citizens first.

He expressed gratitude to all of the parties who helped make the water project in the county a success, including the Water Sector Trust Fund, the European Union, and Kapenguria Water and Sewerage Company.

Samuel Moroto, the MP for Kapenguria, expressed his appreciation for the contributions made by the different parties involved in the water project, pointing out that it shows the cooperative attitude that all parties have adopted and their common commitment to guaranteeing improved sanitation and water security in the area.

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