Medical Tools Donation Project Aims to Improve Maternal and Child Healthcare

Medical equipment valued at 38 million/-has been supplied by the USAID Afya Yangu project, which is run by Jhpiego Tanzania, to enhance the health of mothers and children in the Dar es Salaam Region.

The aid was presented to Dar es Salaam Regional Commissioner Albert Chalamila by Dr. Chosen Amon, the representative of Jhpiego’s Director General.

After presenting the aid, Dr. Amon expressed Jhpiego’s hope that it will alleviate the challenges faced by mothers and infants throughout the Dar es Salaam region.

He mentioned that the USAID ‘Afya Yangu’ project, funded by USAID Tanzania, was officially launched nationwide in June 2022.

He stated that Jhpiego Tanzania, in collaboration with its partners, is implementing a five-year initiative (2022–2027) in 11 regions of both mainland Tanzania and its islands.

In the two years since the project’s inception, he said, it has worked with the government at all levels to implement a number of interventions targeted at preventing and reducing childbirth-related deaths as well as deaths of children under five. One such intervention was the strengthening of family planning services, wherein 27,683 clients received contraceptive services and 97 service providers were trained.

He said that by providing on-the-job training to 39 operating room nurses, 26 anesthesia providers, and surgeons in the Kigamboni and Temeke councils, they were able to improve emergency services during childbirth.

He stated that the project has effectively trained 26 mentors in mother and child services, enabling them to instruct other staff members on 214 from 127 centers.

By transferring vaccines from the district to different centers, enabling regional council teams to undertake collaborative management, and enabling 165 centers to give vaccination services at the community level, according to Dr. Amon, the project has been successful in improving vaccination services.

In addition to praising Jhpiego for the support, which he said will greatly assist mothers and kids in the area, RC Chalamila urged the parties involved to make sure the funds are used as intended to benefit the recipients.

The government has prioritized health as a fundamental issue, and he expressed appreciation for the efforts made by numerous stakeholders who are still working together to improve Tanzanians’ overall health.

“As you have been assisting in many areas, we in the government truly appreciate your contribution to the health sector. I can guarantee you that the assistance you have provided will be utilized for the intended goals and benefit the recipients. We invite you to assist us whenever you feel like it, over and over again,” he declared.