Orange Ventures Is Doubling Its Funding For African Startups

To increase assistance and investment for companies in its incubator centres throughout Africa and the Middle East, Orange and Digital Africa inked a partnership agreement.

CEO of Digital Africa Gregoire de Padirac and Orange Ventures Managing Partner Faycal Adlouni announced the alliance at Vivatech in Paris.

The plan aims to boost innovation and entrepreneurship in the region by offering additional assistance to businesses established at Orange Digital Centres (ODC) throughout Africa and the Middle East.

Digital Africa and Orange According to the latter’s Fuze programme, after a collaborative evaluation of applications, cash for startups may be doubled by Digital Africa or by the company itself. Startups that are accepted into the ODC network may get up to US $50,000 in their first year of enrollment.

Eight countries in Europe and seventeen countries in the region have deployed ODCs.

“The Orange Group is fully committed to nurturing the future champions of the technology scene in Africa and the Middle East,” stated Fay├žal Adlouni, Managing Partner of Orange Ventures. Through this agreement, Orange Middle East and Africa, Orange Ventures, and Digital Africa will be able to pool their resources to build an environment that is favourable to the growth of startups in the Middle East and Africa.