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US $5bn Oilfields to be developed by Uganda

Uganda decides to develop the Kingfisher and Tilega oilfields at a cost of US $5bn in a bid to boost the growth of its oil industry. The two oilfields are …

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Legero Lighting India Pvt Ltd to Participate as Exhibitor at 03rd Lightexpo Ethiopia 2020

Legero Lighting India Pvt Ltd recently has signed up as an exhibitor at the Ethiopia’s mega event Lightexpo Ethiopia 2020. The lighting industry in Africa is on a globalization drive, …

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Ghana First Assembled Toyota Vehicle To Be Sent Outdoor By August 2020

The President and Chief Executive Officer of Toyota Tsusho Corporation, Ichiro Kashitani, has commited to outdoor the company’s first vehicle to be assembled in Ghana by August 2020. Mr. Ichiro …