Launch of Digital Health Database in Ethiopia

The Health Ministry of Ethiopia launches a digital health database system that allows to share health information of individuals among health institutions across the country.

According to The Minister of health of Ethiopia, Dr. Amir Ahmed, the digital database solves the inconvenience of searching for hardcopy cards of patients in health institutions.

At present 60% of the health institutions across the nation are using the new digital health database and in order to make the coverage nationwide digitalizing all medical records in health centers is currently underway parallel to bolstering the capacity of health workers with the new system.

The Ministry will take various tasks to fully apply the digital database in all health centers across the nation.

Taking over the old manual data input, the digital health database includes and involves starting from issuance of patient card to medication all required information, according to Minister Amir.

This idea of digital health database system will enable to accquire relevant information of the patients easily as and when required.
Modern and accessible information for all cases will also help to make the system more convenient.

And further for creating modern and accessible information for all cases is under consideration.
The federal ministry of health along with Ethio Telecom are working together in order to interconnect health centers across the country through the Internet.