USD 700 million for Special Economic Zone in Kenya

The construction work on Naivasha special economic zone in Mai Mahiu have started in full swing, as per a notification by the Government of Kenya. The announcement was made by the Principal Secretary in-charge of Water, Mr. Joseph Irungu. He also said that the grant of USD 700 million has been released for the provision of water for the development.

Mr. Irungu said that USD 495000 will be utilized for the drilling and equipping five boreholes located near Delamere farm which will be used for the water supply to the industrial park which is spread out over a 1000 acres of land.

He further added that the World Bank (WB) has also approved USD 990,000 for the design of the dam at Malewa Kinangop whose water would also be used by residents of Naivasha and be used for the supply to the industrial park.

“The water from the five boreholes in Naivasha will be purely for the economic zone and already it has been tested and proved to be fit for human consumption. The boreholes have fluoride-free water that is ample for the economic zone,” said Mr. Irungu.

Naivasha is one of the fastest growing commercial hubs in Kenya. It has more than 60 horticultural farms spread across the vast district. The town has become a place of choice for both local and foreign investors.

The horticultural and floriculture industry offers employment to thousands of workers, especially women. Located at the basement of the Rift Valley, the town is full of activity in terms of movement of goods and services, and a favored stop for people heading to western Kenya.

The hospitality industry has also enjoyed tremendous growth in the recent past, with investors putting up high-end hotels that have boosted the tourism sector. The dry port is expected to bring numerous opportunities to the town.