Pacja and Paneltech pledge to support the circular economy of plastics in Africa

To reduce pollution in Africa, the Pan African Climate Justice Alliance (Pacja) is focused on plastics circularity. Paneltech, a producer of plastic waste management systems based in the United States, is cooperating with the coalition.

The circular economy is being adopted by many African countries. This tendency is especially visible in North Africa, where activities to recycle plastic garbage are on the rise. In nations such as South Africa, Kenya, Nigeria, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Rwanda, and others, the circular economy is emerging as a significant answer.

The procedure is straightforward. Plastic waste is recycled or repurposed as a raw material for new products. While African countries recognise the significance of this approach, many are unable to put it into practise due to a lack of financial resources or suitable infrastructure. The Pan African Climate Justice Alliance (Pacja) and the American corporation Paneltech have reached an agreement to increase the quantity of plastic garbage recovered on the African continent.

Patented technology is used to convert plastic and agricultural waste into biodegradable plastic and several other sustainable materials (biodegradable shell plastic, building materials, and biofibre composite flooring), each of which align with consumer, business, and government CSR and ESG initiatives, explains Paneltech’s CEO, Leiven Tsa. Paneltech’s projects and green profit funds will have Pacja as an observer. The Alliance will also advise the US firm on where and how to maximise these benefits.