EGYPT: Germany’s Siemens Signs With EEHC For The Production Of Green Hydrogen

Christian Bruch, the CEO of Siemens Energy Group is in Egypt to sign a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Gaber El-Dessouki, the chairman of the board of directors of Egyptian Electricity Holding Company (EEHC). Above all, the German energy giant is strengthening its partnership with Egypt, having laid the foundations for co-operation on the development of the hydrogen industry in January 2021.

Under the leadership of Mohamed Shaker, it’s Minister of Electricity and Renewable Energy, Egypt wants to become a pioneer country in the development, production and export of green hydrogen in Africa. And the commitment of the Egyptian government is attracting many international companies, convinced by the dynamism of its energy sector. “We are proud to extend our long history of collaboration with Egypt to this emerging industry which has the potential to significantly decarbonise industry and increase economic diversity. The development of a hydrogen ecosystem and value chain in Egypt has the potential to deliver a more sustainable and prosperous future for Egyptians,” says CEO of Siemens Energy Group.

A First 200 MW Project

The MoU designated by Siemens focuses on investment, technology transfer and implementation of projects related to hydrogen production based on renewable energy in the land of the pharaohs. This cooperation for the joint development of the green hydrogen industry with Egyptian Electricity Holding Company will start with the implementation of a pilot project. The 2 partners will build a facility with an electrolysis capacity of between 100 and 200 Megawatt.

Electrolysis is the process of converting electrical energy into chemical energy. This production will be based on renewable energies, as Egypt is one of the pioneers in this field in Africa. According to Siemens, this 1st green hydrogen production unit will contribute to the early deployment of the technology, the establishment of a partner landscape, the setting up and testing of the regulatory environment and certification, the establishment of purchasing relationships and the definition of logistics concepts.

With the investment in the nascent green hydrogen industry, Siemens becomes a major player in the Egyptian energy sector. The group is active in the North African country, for example through Siemens Gamesa. The IPP obtained the agreement of the Egyptian government 2 years ago for the construction of 2 500 Megawatt wind farms in Ras Gharib, in the Gulf of Suez.