Lighting Solution for TASEZ

For several areas of the Tshwane Automotive Special Economic Zone (TASEZ) in Gauteng, South Africa, BEKA Schreder provided the LED lighting system. In order to further Africa’s industrial revolution and give communities and SMMEs in the City of Tshwane significant employment and business prospects, TASEZ, Africa’s First Automotive City, has taken the initiative.

A first-rate lighting system was necessary for this first-rate construction. LED luminaires have been provided by BEKA Schr├ęder for a number of TASEZ sections. They were chosen because they were designed and produced in South Africa, they are reliable, affordable, and they offer a cost-effective lighting solution to maximise energy and maintenance cost savings.

The Automould and Aeroklasduys buildings have a number of LED luminaires installed inside and outside of them. Inside the structures, the ECOBAY and LEDBAY (with emergency version) highbays, as well as the DUISA emergency lighting line, have been installed. In the loading bay regions, general area lighting is provided by the LEDTEC Slowbay. The parking lots are lit by the ZELAdecorative post top, and general area lighting surrounding the buildings is provided by the OMNISTAR-MIDI floodlight. The BEKANOVA bulkhead has been installed around the major buildings, and the ornamental SERIES 300 bulkhead has been installed on the exterior of the security guard houses.