Improved Lighting Solution For Parking Area

The 3Ci Church in Pretoria East has parking lot lights provided by BEKA Schreder. The former system, which did not give enough lighting, is replaced by this retrofit lighting solution.

The administration of the lighting at the church was not happy with the new parking area lighting that was installed at 3Ci Church in 2020 since the area was not sufficiently lit. To provide a new lighting option, BEKA Schreder contacted the client. The preferred luminaire was the South African-designed and-manufactured KAZELLE decorative LED post top. Compared to the prior installation, this luminaire offers a significantly improved light dispersion.

The compactness of the LED engine served as the inspiration for the minimalist and contemporary design of the KAZELLE. Sustainable lighting options are also offered, which significantly save energy usage and enhance visual comfort for the church’s parking area. For a quick return on investment, the KAZELLE offers a cost-effective and efficient lighting option. Additionally, control methods using a photocell or Schreder EXEDRA control systems are optional for autonomous and interoperable networks.

The KAZELLE luminaire generates a pleasant, glare-free light and is dependable, effective, discrete, and vandal resistant. It has been made to be simple to install. The KAZELLE ensures enduring performance and significant savings with essentially no maintenance needed and a full 5-year warranty.

In South Africa, BEKA Schreder creates and produces energy-efficient LED lighting products that are suited to the region’s needs. We are honoured to work with 3Ci Church to complete this project with a great LED lighting solution.