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Siep-Hiemstra_main_article Africa: A premium trend

Branded consumer goods companies have an opportunity to participate in Africa’s growth The traditional picture which is often painted of Africa – poverty, political turmoil and dire infrastructure – is beginning to look outdated. Real signs are emerging of a continent which offers extraordinary growth Read more>> (0) Comments

Africa-underestimating-GDP Africa: underestimating GDP

GDP growth is thought to be correlated to everything from conflict risk to whiskey consumption. And the current slew of positive stories about Africa are driven, in part, by the impressive GDP statistics posted by countries across the continent. But these numbers are poor estimations Read more>> (0) Comments

business_opp Business opportunities for Africa

Africa, previously the poster child for poverty, famine, disease, decaying infrastructures, corruption, conflict, crime and brutal violence, is now a continent where wise investments can offer high rates of return, as the 54 different nations that inhabit it enjoy a prolonged spurt of economic growth. Read more>> (2) Comments

Africa+globe Africa a Mecca for multinationals

Africa’s burgeoning middle class and consequent increase in disposable income becoming increasingly attractive for yield-chasing multinational companies. That ubiquitous McKinsey & Company report from two years ago which said Africa’s consumer spending would reach $1,4tn in 2020, spurred not only a wave of Afro-optimism, it Read more>> (0) Comments

Opinion: Could Africa be world's next manufacturing hub? Opinion: Could Africa be world’s next manufacturing hub?

With domestic labor costs rising, many Asian manufacturing producers are now looking to relocate their factories in other regions of the world. Could Africa replace Asia and/or China as the world’s next manufacturing hub? To be sure, Africa has a number of manufacturing advantages that Read more>> (0) Comments

Expanding China-Africa Oil Ties

Introduction As global demand for energy continues to rise, major players like the United States, the European Union, and Japan are facing a new competitor in the race to secure long-term energy supplies: China. The economic powerhouse has increasingly focused on securing the resources needed Read more>> (2) Comments

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